09/24/18: Under The Bohdi Tree


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))


Autumn (and Winter) bring us darkening days and introspection; we feel the need to consult spiritual counsel this week – no harm in asking for guidance (from well-known and trusted  sources) when you need it.

So, if you are feeling some nagging questions this week, no problem. Write them down, speak them out loud, and watch for signs. If you need earthly assistance, google, helplines, consiglieres, whatever. Reach out, ask for assistance, trust but verify, and decide for your self. Seeking counsel is may be advised, blind obedience is not.


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09/21-23/18 WEEKEND REMINDER: Though our hearts may soar, our feet do not.


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Compassion. Passion. Grounding.


YAY!!!! Boots, scarves, falling leaves, apple and pumpkin spice everything! YAY!!!*

This weekend will be all about the feels; we are feeling all the feelings with little of no let-up. This is not necessarily a bad thing – it is good to be in touch with your feelings (all of them, even the “ugly” ones) – as long as you remember to stay grounded. 

Since it is Autumn, and grounding can be tricky, I suggest the following simple steps you can take to assist:

Drink coffee, eat a muffin: While I am aware “food is not the answer!” this particular pairing has an almost instant grounding effect because of their tangible physical labor. These things must be “made” (by you or someone else) in practical, earthy ways. Each sip, and every bite connect you to not only the physical realm but the earthy energy they convey from their beginnings as beans and grain. Also, you gotta eat. Since the season has arrived, perhaps a mocha latte and apple spice muffin are your ticket – I know I love it!

Yard work: Yard cleaning in Autumn (as in Spring) is necessary. If you have not started trimming, raking, clearing, cleaning, storing, etc., consider getting started this weekend.

Clean out your car: While certainly cleaning anything will help ground you, cleaning your car can not only ground you but give you a feel of satisfaction because unlike your home, it can be completely cleaned in a relatively short time (two hours or so), it is likely to remain clean for a longer time. It may be early for winterizing your vehicle but it is not too early for a change of season tune-up, check the tires, change the filters, etc.

Refresh the linens: Air the blankets, wash the linens, prepare bedrooms for cozy sleep with open windows (rather than A/C). Which brings me to the next suggestion…

Sleep with the windows open: If you have not already doe so, turn off the a/c at night and sleep with your windows open. Listen to the night sounds, smell the night air. These earthly experiences for their own sake are grounding as you sleep – sink right in!

Whatever you choose to do this weekend, please keep in mind the feels are everywhere and they make some people over-sensitive or easily irritated; be kind – to yourself as well as everyone else – and if you need a time-out, do not be bashful about taking it.

Enjoy the weekend!


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*Note: I do not feel required to be unbiased on my own blog as I am sure you have noticed by now. 😉 


09/20/18: Tend your own garden.


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

As we head towards Autumnal Equinox Weekend, we are reminded of the importance to tend our own gardens.

We are so easily distracted by our daily lives; work, school, errands, chores – always running, always doing – it becomes very easy to skip tending to ourselves.



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09/19/18: Right to the bone!


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Our mid-week hero, King of Swords, swoops in to cut through everything:

  • brain fog
  • cords of attachment
  • chicanery

We need this energy! We need to see things clearly. We need to understand what’s happening around us. We need to recognize where we should invest our energy, and where we should cut our losses.

NOTE: King of Swords is the fastest moving of The Court; he will not linger – capitalize on this energy RIGHT NOW!!

Saddle up! Let’s ride!


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09/18/18: Let the Sun shine in!


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

The Sun shines brightly on the new beginning following yesterday’s messy end. Let’s enjoy this energy in this moment.

We can do this! 

And because he can sing it better than I can quote him, I bring you the late, great George Harrison!

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09/17/18: Horrible end or rough start?



((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Our new week opens with an untidy finality.

Nothing to see here – move it along – I’ll catch up with you later.

Where’s the Bactine?

THE GOOD NEWS: Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Of course, the other side of ending is a fresh start. Perhaps a rough start but a fresh start nonetheless. 

TAKEAWAY: STOCK UP ON YOUR INTERJECTIONS! You may find it difficult to keep calm as you  navigate these changes; give yourself a break, take time out for yourself, and do not sweat the small stuff – too many big fish to fry.

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09/14-16/18 WEEKEND: Peace, Love and Rock N’ Roll!


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort)) 

Balance. Wisdom. Love.

Love Week rounds out with a call for balance in our thoughts and feelings.

No matter your weekend plans, take some time to appreciate the many blessings of your life, and consider what you can (and will!) do to share your love and gratitude with the people in your life. This can be as simple as kissing a child on the head, or taking your wife’s turn to wash the dishes. 

REMINDER: Venus entered Scorpio this week. While this pairing tends to promote serious passions as well as digging deep into ourselves and each other, Balance is still the order of the day (and a specialty of both Virgo Season and Venus). Enjoy the company of friends and lovers but be sure to keep it all in perspective.

As always, enjoy the weekend!

PRACTICAL MAGIC TIP: Do you know active intention creates change? Do you know passive intention creates changes as well? Below you will find a rose quartz heart-healing love grid; if you make this pic your wallpaper, screen saver, etc., it will help you draw in the energy every time you see it – no muss, no fuss. If you want to beef it up, add the following mantra (source unknown to me):  

“I open my heart to give and receive the energy of love.” 


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09/13/18: Love is all you need.


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

The Queen of Cups glides into the end of the week with a full heart.

Are you loving the people around you? Do your actions match your words?

Speaking of love and acting in love are not the same thing (obviously), and so often we find love is taken almost entirely for granted. Do you think a (happy!) marriage survives if love is not honored and nurtured? No, it does not.*

((NOTE: The world is full of long-term marriages/partnerships that are not built or supported with love. While I am not saying these relationships have no value, I am asserting that longevity does not trump quality, and those people are missing out.))

The energy of this week has been about love, and loving each other. If you are not demonstrating your love and affection for the people who mean most to you, ask yourself, “Why? What am I saving it for? What am I so afraid of?” 

And because he says it so much better than I can, I bring you Mr. Lenny Kravitz!

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09/12/18: Keep a full cupboard.


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Continuing with an overall theme of “Love in Action” this week, Wednesday finds us facing our love responsibilities as “Mother.”*

(*Note: This energy is not limited in any way to women or actual mothers.)

This energy is all about filling freezers, stocking cupboards, airing linens; time to tend to our nest as Autumn grows steadily closer. And yes, I hear you –

  • “It’s still summer!”
  • “Don’t rush the seasons!”
  • “I don’t want to!”

Time flies with or without our consent; there is no way to slow The Wheel so we must endeavor to ride the arcs with as much grace and gratitude as possible. Rather than clinging desperately to Summer, begin preparation for a beautiful Autumn leading into a cozy Winter. With that in mind, Queen of Pentacles arrives to provide the energy to prepare…and once done, there will be more time to enjoy seasonal activities (i.e street faires, festivals, apple picking, corn mazes – whatever!). 

CONSIDER THIS: Before you begin to work in earnest, plan some practical home magic you can incorporate into your preparedness. Stock your kitchen with ingredients to make:  hearty stews and soups with herbs such as sage (protective energy inside and out!); apple cinnamon pie (protection, love and prosperity); lavender sugar to stir in your tea (love’s warmth and tenderness within). If not already, stock your laundry room with natural products scented with lavender (everyone wears a hug). Make some small sachets for the car – cinnamon sticks and star anise – to promote safety and security (beef this up with a chunk of black tourmaline). In truth, every little thing you do can add up to potent magic. Give it a try. Love, Luck and Light to All!

Fall Fest

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