12/13/18: Comfort and Joy


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

The week is wrapping up various signs of success; projects moving along, gambles paying off, plans unfolding as hoped.

Things look hopeful.

Since this is the holiday season, use this energy to fuel the comfort and joy in your heart, and spread it to others.

Head into the weekend with the love, joy and mindfulness of the week as your guiding force and light. 


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12/12/18: LET LOVE RULE!


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Our midweek message: Love is the answer. The question doesn’t really matter.

We are well and truly into the holiday season – love should be all around us but may not be as obvious as we would hope. We can do something about this. Every little bit helps; we can lead with kindness in our daily travels.

Kindness is free, no sense in keeping it to yourself. 


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12/11/18: DING-DONG! Karma calling!


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

CALM DOWN! She’s not so bad.

Karma (all forms) tends to be viewed with a certain amount of dread (and fear). Why? The common idea of retribution is an unpleasant (a little bit of an understatement for some of us) Westernization of Eastern philosophy. And it is unfortunate.*

This week, just for the sake of giving it a try, welcome Karma (Justice) as an overdue sorting out of….whatever gets sorted out. Do not dread, fear, or interfere with it. Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised (or suitably challenged), taking it as it comes. This is a fabulous opportunity to live in the moment.

REMINDER: Mindfulness and self-care are still important this week. Be fully present and engaged as this energy unfolds for you.

*NOTE: At your convenience, look into karma (and dharma) as it is meant to be understood in Buddhism and Hinduism. The overall concept varies and is widespread but you really want to look to the source for best understanding.  


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12/10/18: And we’re off!


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))


Really does seem like it’s always Monday!

No problem this week – we are ready!

We open the week with Princess of Swords – smart, prepared, full of ideas, and low on patience. This energy can push forward all of our best plans, intentions, and projects…it can also die out quickly and take your interest with it.


While I do not hate squirrels (don’t care if they are rodents, they are still cute!), I am very much aware of how deviously distracting and disruptive they can be – just like our own thoughts. Because our worst enemies are usually harbored in our own heads, Princess of Swords arrives with the tools to help v anguish the distractions and get on with the work.


Okay, like it or not, you will struggle with patience this week. You will need to arm yourself with mindfulness and self-care; everyone else is struggling as well – keep that in mind, please. 


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12/07-09/18 WEEKEND: Appreciation


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Longing. Doubt. Plenty.

The weekend has arrived!

Mercury Retrograde has been unraveling this week, and kicking plenty of ass on the way out the door.

Speaking for myself, I may build a fallout shelter before the next one.

It’s really not so bad.

Much of the time, things are better than we think. This is one of those times.

This week of gratitude and mindfulness walks right into a weekend of seeing both the forest and the trees; it’s all good.

Enjoy the weekend.

IMG_0779 (1).JPG

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12/06/18: HOT PURSUIT!!!


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

We move towards the weekend with a head full of ideas, motivated to follow them just about anywhere. 


Ever see “An Affair to Remember?” (No? Look it up – google is your friend.) Two lives in torment because a grown woman walked into traffic, “I was looking up!” RIDICULOUS! Cary Grant or no Cary Grant – RIDICULOUS! 


Pay attention, think it through, be mindful regarding actions-reactions/cause-effect, and be very, very brave. 



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12/05/18: Too much of a good thing?


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))


As the holidays loom large before us, it is time to check in and ask ourselves: 

  • When is less more?
  • Can you really have “too much” of a good thing?

Well, we already know we can have too much of a good thing if only because the appearance of The Devil card often reminds us. (I can already here you, “But Selene, that’s the Four of Cups, not The Devil, and anyway, what’s wrong with luxury?”)

First, for the record, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with luxury WHEN YOU CAN AFFORD IT.

Next, The Devil jumps up to tell you when things have gotten (or are getting) out of hand; plenty of other cards are happy to warn us in advance, like Four of Cups. 

Finally, for the purposes of this particular reading, Four of Cups wants to remind us to keep an eye on the holiday pitfalls of excess – too many parties, too many drink, too many desserts, too much money spent on presents, too, too, too, too!

So, a word to the wise this week – make a list, check it twice (include input from your budget and bank balance), and let mindfulness be your guide (as we discussed on Monday with The Star).

Love to All!


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12/04/18: A time for gratitude.


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Our week’s magical mindfulness must include gratitude for the abundance already in our lives. If you have wandered away from personal gratitude, take a moment for inventory:

  • live indoors
  • food in the fridge
  • hot/cold running water
  • sun shines

Does the list seem too basic? Too bad – BE GRATEFUL! The world (including your own home town!) is full of people who cannot claim these blessings.

This week, as you count your blessings, be sure to share where you are able; pay it forward to waitresses, cab drivers, tarot card readers, baristas, manicurists, etc. Every time you enjoy your day by including self-care services, express your gratitude.

REMINDER: Mindfulness is still the order of the week.

NOTE: If you cannot afford to include an appropriate tip (generally considered 15-20% depending on the service), you cannot afford the service; it is unkind, and more than a little bit selfish, to expect people to provide services without adequate compensation and appreciation – whether or not you agree with the tip-based business model is immaterial – and this is the season of giving.


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When you The Star, make a wish!


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

WELCOME TO DECEMBER! A magical time of year full of hope, holidays, possibilities – a perfect time for wishes to come true!

This week is full of magical possibilities, and with The Star infusing its energy into our days, we have every reason to believe in miracles. We also have every reason to be very careful.


As you may recall, The Star is the card of Aquarius, the Great Thinker of the Zodiac; there is great power in thought. The downside of this magical energy of creation is the danger of carelessness; we must be extra mindful in the world we create around us this week – careless thoughts and words will be particularly potent in the creation of unintended consequences.

REMINDER: Be kind to each other – which we should always be doing anyway – because this week will be rough for everyone. The astro-weather is tense (check out Ruby’s Readings on WordPress) and the magic is strong.

Be happy, safe and well – today and every day!


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