10/15/18: Love is the answer.

Time to look for the questions.


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))


We greet the month’s mid-point with an overall energy meant to foster love and happiness in ourselves as well as those we encounter. In our current political climate, this may sound a tall order; generally, that is exactly when The Universe reminds us it the most important thing we can do. “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

This week, let your heart be your guide; be mindful, be kind, be charitable. It may not be easy but it will certainly be worth it.

This week belongs to all of us – let’s do our best to make it great!


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10/12-14/18 WEEKEND: What moves you?


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Intellectual. Passionate. Practical.

What moves you?

What makes you act?

What makes you cry?

What makes you join?

What makes you try?

This weekend, you will feel it in your fingers and your toes – you will want to Do Something, right or wrong, depending on your mood – and you will not want anyone (or anything) stopping you. 

TAKEAWAY: You feel pulled to action, and you want to follow it through. This is all good provided you are paying attention; our week ends as it began with a reminder to BE PRACTICAL! Act as you deem fit but do not be reckless.

And as always, Enjoy the weekend.


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10/11/18: Too much of a good thing!



((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

We are heading into the week with a reminder about “too much of a good thing” corrupting our perceptions as well as our behaviors. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • You had a one night stand: if it only happened once (or once in a rare while), no problem. If it’s happening several times a month, problem.
  • Chocolate cake for dinner. Not a great choice but not a big deal if it happens two or three times a year. If it happens two or three times a week, big deal.

The lesson of The Devil is simply the caution against excess; this energy functions as a pressure valve with the potential to have quite a bit of naughty fun – it’s okay to visit Pleasure Island but you should not plan to live there.

So have your cake and eat it, too, but get back to salad tomorrow.

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10/10/18: Cups runneth over!


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))


Yesterday, we realized we had more than enough; today we realize we have everything that really matters to us.

  • We are content.
  • We are grateful.
  • We aren’t quite ready to move on from this lovely place.

Ten of Cups is a beautiful reminder to live in the moment; nothing last forever – not our joys or our troubles – so do not let this time slip away without enjoying it as fully as you possibly can.

And if you love someone, tell them so; Venus may be in retrograde but that is no reason to be stingy with genuine affection.

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10/09/18: More than enough.


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

QUESTION: When is too much not enough?

ANSWER: When we stop appreciating our blessings.

TUESDAY TAKEAWAY: An attitude of gratitude is always the best route to happiness.


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10/08/18: Practical by nature.


Happy Monday!

Our week opens with a useful energy; take a practical approach to all tasks, plans, and projects.

TAKEAWAY: Measure twice, cut once.

Whatever plans you may have for the week, pay close attention to all practical aspects before you commit to the actual doing – struggles can hide in plain sight when we ignore the practical.

As always, enjoy the week!


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10/05-07/18 WEEKEND: New beginnings!


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Ending. Celebrating. Beginning.


This weekend kicks-off any number of Fall/Pumpkin/Halloween events, faires, etc. HUZZAH!!! Fall Fun has arrived!

You know what else has arrived? The Fall Season of Change! What kind of change? All kinds! Birth. Death. Rebirth. Rehabilitation. If change is wanted (or needed, wanted or not), Fall is all about it.  

But don’t take my word for it – look at the cards.

This week has been moving towards significant change – making decisions, choosing pathways, making plans to move forward, letting go of old ways – and now we find the weekend energy delivering the final push. We have reached the end of the line. Nothing left to do but toast the effort, take a bow, thank the staff, and turn out the lights. But as always, the beauty of endings will always be new beginnings. 

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. 

Enjoy the weekend.


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10/04/18: Time to go your own way.


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

We are headed into the weekend with a clear instruction from Monday’s King of Swords: 

It is time to strike out on your own.

Whatever doubts or fears have you clinging to old ways (including people and places) must now be released – they are not serving you – for you to move forward on your own, your own way, no room for passengers.

See Six of Swords as the beginning of The Hermit’s journey; this is a solo mission.

If you are to search for, discover, understand, appreciate AND utilize that which is entirely your own and meant to serve you within as well as without, you canNOT be worried about anyone else’s journey. Some people will have no choice but to fall away, and this is a good thing, for you as well as them (though it might not be immediately apparent) because they have pathways of their own. We are NOT here to “keep up” with each other; we are meant to travel our own pathways at our own speeds, and sometimes that will certainly include “alone.”

NOTE: You are not immediately required to follow the instructions of this energy – you may move at your own pace. However, know this: that which resists persists. This energy will nag at you, disrupting your peace and slowly but surely destroying your comfort. Do not allow your current complacency (or fear of the unknown) to stop you from moving forward. Your best self is waiting for you.


10/03/18: Think but don’t dwell.

IMG_3150 (1)

((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

This week has had some heavy themes to deal with, and we are not out of the woods yet.

Good thing King of Swords is in charge this week!

I know the mental energy feels heavy just this minute – your mind is busy, head spinning – and it would be all too easy to dwell (read obsess) over some of the more nerve-wracking, upsetting ideas. DO NOT DO THIS! 

Here’s the important thing to remember about your thoughts; you control them, not the other way around, so you must make them get in line and stay there! Marshal your thoughts into useful order, and do not be afraid to outright dismiss the destructive, negative, over-indulgent ideas that serve only as distractions when you have work to do. 

Also, when in doubt, remember tomorrow is another day. If a thought particularly plagues you, write it down for review at another time, and get a good night’s sleep.

It is more than okay to cultivate peace and restful thoughts.


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