Everyday Witch Tarot (Blake and Alba) AND Gaia Oracle (Salerno)

WELCOME TO 2022, and our seasonal readings. I hope this finds everyone warm and well!

The cards pictured are one oracle card for overall, one tarot card for each of the Air Signs.

REMINDER: Air Energy blows though all of you; the cards are presented for each sign, and likely are most significant to the sign intended, but that does not mean each/all cards cannot apply to each/all Signs. If you are Gemini really feeling the Libra card, it is also for you, as an example.

Oracle: Flame Tree
The spark has become a flame; you are ready to pursue something new.

Gemini – King of Pentacles
You can have your cake and eat it, too!
Work hard, do good, all will be well.

Libra – Knight of Wands
Planning period is over. Time to move!
Adventure awaits!

Aquarius – Two of Wands
Time to choose the direction you want to pursue- OFF YOU GO!!

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