WINTER 2022: Earth SignS

Everyday Witch Tarot (Blake and Alba) AND Gaia Oracle (Salerno)

WELCOME TO 2022, and our seasonal readings. I hope this finds everyone warm and well!

The cards pictured are one oracle card for overall, one tarot card for each of the Earth Signs.

REMINDER: Earth Energy grounds all of you; the cards are presented for each sign, and likely are most significant to the sign intended, but that does not mean each/all cards cannot apply to each/all Signs. If you are a Capricorn really feeling the Virgo card, it is also for you, as an example.

Oracle: Nine of Hearts
Move forward with confidence; you are protected and loved.

Taurus – The Magician
Rely on yourself; you have the tools to succeed.

Virgo – Ten of Swords
Okay, it didn’t go as planned, and it hurt.
Since you’re not actually dead, it’s time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, get a good night’s sleep, and get ready to fight another day.

Capricorn – Three of Pentacles
Successful teamwork relies on cooperation; be a team player (likely in spite of yourself).

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