WINTER 2022: Fire Signs

Everyday Witch Tarot (Blake and Alba) AND Gaia Oracle (Salerno)


WELCOME TO 2022, and our seasonal readings. I hope this finds everyone warm and well!

The cards pictured are one oracle card for overall, one tarot card for each of the Fire Signs.

REMINDER: Fire Sign Energy rages through all of you – the cards are presented for each sign, and likely are most significant to the sign intended, but that does not mean each/all cards cannot apply to each/all Fire Signs. If you are a Leo really feeling the Aries card, it is also for you, as an example.

Oracle: A Hidden Gift
This is a time of transition and transformation; things may change but nothing is lost.

Aries – Four of Cups
It’s time to be realistic in your expectations; potential is not a promise of greatness. Occasional boredom is normal, learn to work through it.

Leo – Page of Pentacles
Eager to see what the future holds? Move forward at your own independent pace.

Sagittarius – Eight of Cups
If something is missing, seek it out. Seeking your own completion is not an act of selfishness or greed if you also appreciate all you already have.

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