2022 SPRING: Fire Signs

Everyday Witch Tarot (Blake and Alba), Gaia Oracle (Salerno), and Starcodes (Robbins)


As Aries Season is winding down, we find the sap well and truly rising as we look forward to all the moving and shaking of this new year (astrologically speaking).

The cards pictured are one oracle card overall, one tarot card for each of the Fire Signs.

REMINDER: Fire Sign Energy rages through everyone (to greater and lesser degrees) – the cards are presented for each sign, and likely are most significant to the sign intended, but that does not mean each/all cards cannot apply to each/all Signs – Fire or otherwise. If you are a Leo really feeling the Aries card, it is for you; and that is just as true for a Pisces that my wander in, as an example.

ORACLE: Jewel within a Teardrop

Do not be distracted by disappointment or heartache; always remember you are blessed, and you are loved.


ARIES – Page of Swords (Impulsive and Intuitive)

If you don’t know where you are going, any road can you take you; trust the process and enjoy the journey.

LEO – Tower (Sudden Changes – Things fall apart.)

Do you like surprises? Doesn’t matter, here they come. The good news: you will have room to rebuild – choose to make it better.

SAGITTARIUS – King of Pentacles (Strength of Generosity)

It’s not just about you; work hard, do good, be well, and honor your commitments – your word is in fact your bond.

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