05/08/19 WEDNESDAY: Speak up!

On Wednesdays, we speak our minds.


((Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Ravynne Phelan))

Communication is the key to so many aspects of success, we really should be more careful with it – perhaps thinking first…. Let’s look at the cards.

  1. Communication: Six of Earth – Responsibility
  2. Do this: XII of Air The Scribe – Objectivity
  3. Not that: XIV King of Air – Obedience

This week, we lead by example. We have a responsibility to think twice but speak once – clearly and concisely for best results –  and be sure to see all sides (you do not need to support or even tolerate all sides but you must acknowledge them ). Be as objective as possible; it may not be easy but it is necessary.

REMINDER: This is not a time for following along and playing by the rules; those rules are made by someone else and they are not meant to serve you. This week, you make your own rules, do it your own way. Someone does not like it, they can do their own thing. CAUTION: This is NOT license to be obnoxious or irresponsible – there is work to be done and you have an obligation to be civil while you do it. Since you are an adult, please act accordingly.


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05/07/19 TUESDAY: Your heart’s desire!


((Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Ravynne Phelan))

On Tuesdays, we are called to action; how will the energy strategy (Monday)  best be used to our advantage? Let’s look at the cards.

  1. Direction: XX Desire (speaks for itself)
  2. Do this: Four of Water – Release
  3. Not that: X Wisdom – Withdrawal

In keeping with the current astro-weather (check out Ruby’s Readings for the various forecasts and explanations), our actions are compelled by our desires; this is a good time to let go of preconceived notions – allow yourself to go with the flow as you move through this week. Follow your heart, and don’t be afraid to be just a bit silly (it’s good for you!).

CAUTION: This is NOT a good time to withdraw from others; allow yourself to work with others – you never know how (or by whom) the big ideas will be delivered.


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05/05/19 MONDAY: Float on.


((Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Ravynne Phelan))


It was a beautiful Spring weekend in Chicago – I hope everyone else enjoyed lovely weather as well.

Monday brings a forecast, and management strategy, for this week’s energy. Let’s look at the cards: 

  1. Overall energy of the Magickal Week (This week: King of Earth – Reliable)
  2. Do this! (This week: Two of Water – Trust)
  3. Not that! (This week: VII The Crone – Shadow)
  4. BONUS! Guide: Two of Fire – Teamwork)

 We are moving smoothly this week; we honor the process by working in good faith, turning away from blame and strife, and seeking to cooperate with others. Peace and balance will be the keys to success this week – teamwork will move easily if you allow it.

CAUTION: This is not a good week for our shadow aspects to lead the way. Seeking balance is imperative this week – do not seek to be “too” anything this week as it will not serve you with ease. Be patient, and pick your battles very carefully; remember, you need not join every argument, no matter how detailed the invitation.

This week is one of a kind  and it belongs to you – make it what you want!


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04/29/19 Monday: Mona Lisa smile!

IMG_4397 (1)((Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Ravynne Phelan))


I hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful weekend.

Sunday forecasts what we may find in the new  week would bring; today, we look at a strategy for managing the energy of the week.

  1. Overall energy of the Magickal Week (This week: The Counsellor – Wisdom)
  2. Do this! (This week: Ten of Earth – Grace)
  3. Not that! (This week: Nine of Earth – Materialism)
  4. BONUS! Guide: XVI Destiny – Purpose

 We are moving with purpose this week; review your agenda for priority items to create your starting point. Your wisdom and grace will be important as you keep your own counsel this week  – normally, I eschew the need-to-know lack of transparency – as too many ears can turn into distracting voices.

CAUTION: This is not the week to worry about material gain and possessions; work on your projects to the best of your ability and trust the process. Do not be distracted by bright, shiny things. 

This week is one of a kind  and it belongs to you – make it what you want!


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04/28/19 Sunday: New start


((Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Ravynne Phelan))

Once again, for those who celebrate, HAPPY EASTER!

 (Deja vu? No – Roman Catholics last week, Orthodox this week)

For the rest of us, enjoy a peaceful Sunday!

As we enjoy the lovely day, let’s spare a moment to think about what we may be facing in the upcoming week:

  1. What will the new week bring? (This week: Seven of Earth – Connection)

This week will feel a need for connection; do not be afraid to reach out to others – no matter what anyone tells you, EVERYone needs connection.  

REMINDER: Connection starts with you; before you start reaching our to others, be sure to have grounded yourself. Grounding can be as easy as a cup of coffee with cinnamon, or standing on your lawn with bare feet. Whatever you choose, make it a delight, and enjoy it!


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04/27/19 Saturday: Moving your way.


((Dreams of Gaia, Ravynne Phelan))

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

I hope this weekend finds you well, and enjoying a peaceful start to your weekend. As you sip your morning coffee (or take your jog – whatever works for you), take a moment to review the week – What worked? What didn’t work? – and decide how to move forward.

  1. What to keep? (This week: XIX Emotions – Acceptance)
  2. What to kick? (This week: Six of Earth – Martyrdom)

We have a great message here, and it is in keeping with the overall messages of the week; accept your feelings (and intuition) are valuable tools, and do not give in to the “just so emotional” label the less enlightened would upon you. 

REMINDER: How people see you (and treat you!) is about them, not you. Anyone who does not appreciate how you are treading your own path can feel free to move in their own direction just as you are free to ignore them.


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04/26/19 Friday: With Happiness & Gratitude


((Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Ravynne Phelan))

As we bid adieu to our regular week, we take a thoughtful last look over our shoulder; on Fridays, we take a moment to move in Happiness and Gratitude.

  1. Where is my happiness? (This week: XXII Intuition – speaks for itself)
  2. Where is my gratitude? (This week: VI The Crone – Fearless Authenticity)

The messages of this week have repeatedly pointed to following our intuition, trusting our instincts, believing the vibes, readying the energy (all similar but different ways of following our own pathways). If we have been moving wisely through our week, we have been trusting our own inner voices, and following where it led. This is where the happiness has been for us this week – walking our own pathways, our own way, trusting ourselves.

Our gratitude actually springs from our happiness, and vice versa; our fearless authenticity in choosing ourselves (and noticing the sky did not in fact fall) has us feeling pretty good about ourselves as we continue to move forward. This is not prideful (as you have undoubtedly been taught by a patriarchal society), this is your growing confidence as you realize YOU GOT THIS! Well done. Go take a walk on some sunshine.


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04/25/19 Thursday: Treading lightly as we go.


((Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Ravynne Phelan))

I hope all is well as we move towards the end of our work week, looking into the weekend. This is a good time to ask ourselves two important questions:

  1. Where are we going? (This week: Six of Water – Kindness)
  2. What is in the way? (This week: One of Earth – Goals)

In a continued message this week, kindness is the answer; we will overcome our obstacles with kindness and gentle determination. Moving forward, we will need patience to tread softly (and slowly as a result). 

REMINDER: Do not allow your desire for security to limit your willingness to be kind, gentle, or patient. You can accomplish your goals without selfish or ruthless behaviors; stepping on others is never the best way, and as we so often discuss, Karma is always watching.


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04/24/19 Wednesday: Speak with kindness


((Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Ravynne Phelan))


Communication is the key to Wednesday; today is the day to speak your truth!

  1. Communicate what? (This week: Six of Water – Kindness)
  2. Communicate how? (This week: XXII Intuition – Feelings)

Today reinforcing yesterday, we are pointed towards kindness and our intuition. We must choose wisely our words as well as our delivery. If it does not feel right to you, do not say it.

REMINDER: If you cannot communicate with kindness, you are at liberty to walk away – discretion is still the better part of valor.

CAUTION: Following your intuition does NOT mean you throw reason to the side. Ideally, your intuition will be be supported by what you know to be reasonable but sometimes what feels right does not make sense; when this occurs, take a quick internal check.

When in doubt,  follow the energy – it cannot lie.


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