01/04/18: What dreams are made of….

Moon Steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))


In my humble opinion, there are few things more beautiful than the supermoon that graced us this week – what a way to begin the new year!!! As a result of my sincere devotion to the Triple Goddess, and by extension The Moon, I will never see the above card in a negative light. 

If the Ace of Cups gives us license to follow our dreams, The Moon lights the pathway.; use the light and energy of The Moon to seek truth and understanding – what do you see? CAUTION: Refrain from seeing “what you want” rather than “what it is,” no matter how beautiful the silvery light.

TAKEAWAY: The strength of the subconscious mind constantly influences are waking life. Take some time to look within yourself, see yourself as you are truly are – what you project to others is immaterial in every sense of the word. The Moon is always here to help, even when you cannot see Her.