2022 SPRING: Air Signs

Everyday Witch Tarot (Blake and Alba), Gaia Oracle (Salerno), and Starcodes (Robbins)


As Aries Season draws to a close, we find the sap well and truly rising as we look forward to all the moving and shaking of this new year (astrologically speaking).

The cards pictured are one oracle card overall, one tarot card for each of the Air Signs.

REMINDER: Air Energy stirs all of us; the cards are presented for each sign, and likely are most significant to the sign intended, but that does not mean each/all cards cannot apply to each/all Signs. If you are a Gemini really feeling the Libra card, it is for you; and that is equally true if you are a Leo sweeping through.

Oracle: Yin Yang
Harmony created through balance; love and accept all of yourself.

Gemini – Three of Swords
“Are you sure I’m not dead?” Stop being so dramatic – not even close. What’s more, you are wiser for the experience. Take a shower, get some sleep, try again tomorrow.

Libra – The World
The World is your oyster – what will you do with it?

Sagittarius – Ace of Cups
Your cup runneth over! (This is fleeting energy – if you wait too long, it will flow on without you.)

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