What your card reader won’t tell you. (Or STOP ASKING THAT QUESTION!!)

Hello, All!

I hope everyone is warm and well, weathering the pandemic safely wherever you are. As you may have noticed, this blog has taken a pandemic hiatus; just a rest and recharge for a bit but getting ready to come back very soon.

While resting, I began to think about readings, readers, clients, spreads, cards – you know, tarot stuff – and I began to think about one of the things readers always talk about when we are together: the questions clients ask. 

The questions fall into two large categories, Love and Money (all things Venus, really), and they breakdown as follows:

  1. LOVE: Everything that matters to people emotionally: sex, lovers, partners, spouses, family, children, pets  
  2. MONEY: These things make, or cost, money and resources: job, home, health, prospects, projects 

Naturally, these questions are a card reader’s bread and butter; people have questions, need help with clarity and focus, and card readers are here to help….but some questions, simply do not require cards. Some questions, no matter how many times they are asked, do not rise above mundane answers.

  • COMMON QUESTIONS: Will he cheat? / Will he cheat again?
  • APPROPRIATE MUNDANE ANSWER: Of course he will! And you already know it. Cheaters cheat – it is in their nature unless they choose otherwise, which takes the kind of emotional/spiritual/mental work most people just do not want to do. If he was a cheater when you met him (perhaps he cheated with you?), you already know the answer. 
  • COMMON QUESTIONS: Will he leave his wife? / Will he choose me?
  • APPROPRIATE MUNDANE ANSWER: He may very well leave his wife but that won’t be about (or for) you. His choosing you is incredibly unlikely (or he would have done it already), and have you considered the likelihood he’s just a cheater? Because really, the simplest answer is generally the correct one. 
  • COMMON QUESTIONS: Should I see a doctor?
  • APPROPRIATE MUNDANE ANSWER: YES! The very fact that you thought to ask means you already KNOW you need a doctor! (NOTE: Follow-up often includes pre-doctor questions that boil down to diagnoses – DO NOT DO THAT! It’s not fair to the card reader, and it’s dangerous. Just call the doctor!)

Just getting that off my chest. Thank you for indulging my rant. 

And as always, be happy, safe, warm, and well wherever you are.



((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

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