04/24-26/20 WEEKEND: Change for the better.


((The Green Witch Tarot, Ann Moura))

As we walk into the last week of April, quarantine continues, and some people are becoming unreasonably antsy (read: protesting for haircuts and restaurants) when calm is what is needed.

I understand calm can be difficult for some people – turns out, adulthood is difficult.*

Our weekend takeaway: This is an opportunity to change for the better, and it is in your best interests to take advantage of it, whatever that means for you.

No matter what you decide to do for yourself or others, do it with joy and gratitude. There are ALWAYS reasons to be grateful.

Enjoy the weekend.

*NOTE: There are many people with legitimate conditions (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional) that prevent easy access to personal calm. So far, I find people with underlying conditions are working very hard at achieving and maintaining calm. I am referring to the people who really should know better but are, overall, to self-centered to be bothered.

((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))  

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