08/12/19 MONDAY: New week, fresh start


((Mermaid Tarot, Robertson & Dillon))


I live in the US, and lately I have become all too aware of a lack of presence and mindfulness in our culture; our drive-thru lifestyles have been steadily catching up to us. Too many people are in a rude hurry, forgetting to be patient, to wait their turn*.

At the risk of trotting out a dusty cliche, Monday morning brings us not only the promise of a new day but also a fresh start to a brand new week we will only see one time in our lives. This week, we should try to keep some perspective on that.


This week is all about the moment; be present, appreciate what you have, and recognize value. Are you full or fulfilled? If you are not enjoying the life you have built, what is the point? This may be a good week for inventory and de-clutter; release from your life that which does not serve, make room for good things on their way, and enjoy the moments as they come.

REMEMBER: There is always a reason to be grateful.


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

*SIDE NOTE: As if their rude behavior is not enough, if you call them out on it in any way, they say things like “You’re just jealous because you didn’t have the guts.” Uh-huh. The guts to do what? Embarrass my mother with my rudeness? Ask your mother what she thinks about it….since you’re so gutsy. ((Rant concluded. Thank you for your patience.))



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