08/02-04/19 WEEKEND: Moving on.


((Mermaid Tarot, Robertson & Dillon))

Welcome to the weekend!

Time is running out for Summer weekend fun – get to the Farmers Market, Art Faire,  and Festival before they are all done for 2019!

Whatever your plans for this weekend, let’s look at the cards for energy updates:

ATTITUDE: Ten of Swords – “Thank goodness that’s over!” Whatever you have been battling, enduring, pursuing, or evading, it is finally finished. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, get a good night’s rest, and do not worry about it any more – it is behind you and you should leave it there.

DO THIS: Temperance – Balance is the key to your good time this weekend; do not overdue it as you will certainly regret it. “All things in moderation” should be your guide for a good time this weekend.

NOT THAT: Five of Pentacles – Regrets are useless, and a waste of time, so don’t bother. Do something constructive instead; de-clutter your life – sell, donate, discard as appropriate.

Whatever your plans, be sure to include your self-care. Enjoy!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

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