((Mermaid Tarot, Robertson & Dillon))


I hope the Summer Season has been good to all of you.

Eclipse Season is over, Mercury has gone direct, and as the planets unravel retrogrades one at a time, we should start to feel released – inside and out.

The cards above offer direction for our energy this month – let’s take a look:

KEEP: King of Swords – Our number one priority in August absolutely must be to maintain control over our minds and as a result, our words and deeds. Also, August straddles Leo and Virgo Seasons – good luck with that! – and we must keep our wits about us to prevent creating drama.

REMOVE: Nine of Pentacles – Boundaries are necessary, walls are not; be open to new ideas and possibilities – blessings are often in disguise so your discernment is necessary. (Good thing the King of Swords is here! 😉 )

ADD: Queen of Swords – While a Queen without a King is often more powerful for the independence (historically speaking), a King without a Queen lacks balance. Not all thoughts need to be cold, calculating, and remote; add the Queen for an amount of thoughtful consideration in our dealings with others – the quality of mercy be not strained. NOTE: That sword is not ornamental. This Queen is capable of drying your tears and taking your head – do NOT treat her with a lack of respect or dignity as she will not let it slide.

PERMIT: Hermit – Permit yourself to do your own thing, on your own, in your own time, and your own way. You may find this isolating at times but it will be better than suffering fools and accomplishing less (or worse, nothing). Sometimes, you must walk away from the committee and work on your own. These opportunities will arise in August – take them!

Do the best you can to enjoy what is left of this Summer Season – the kids will be back in school before the month is over!

For those keeping  with The Wheel – Happy Lammas! 


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 
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