04/13/19 Saturday: Keep and Kick!


((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba))

Finally, it is Saturday!


It’s a good time to recharge and reflect after a busy week.

While you are enjoying your latte, perhaps make some notes on how the week progressed; chart your progress, take a good look at learning opportunities, perhaps make some new decisions for the new week. Allow us to provide the keys to your evaluation:

  1. What to keep? (This week: Ten of Swords)
  2. What to kick? (This week: Five of Swords).

Let us start with a quick disclaimer regarding Ten of Swords; stop thinking of it as doom, death, and dismemberment. Swords are still just thoughts and ideas, Tens are still the end of the line. Five of Swords is chaos of the mind.  

Put it together, you have an idea that may not have worked out as you planned but likely as not, you are better off for knowing. Ten of Swords is also the perfect time to take a step back, regroup, rest-up, and get back to it. Keep the lessons you have learned here, they will be useful as you move forward. And do not let you own nagging inner voices of self-doubt and recrimination take up space in your head – no one needs that, kick ’em to the curb! 

No one ever said building your empire would be easy!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

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