04/12/19 Friday: Happiness & Gratitude

IMG_4270 (1)

((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba))

We finish our regular week with a last look over our shoulder before we move into the weekend. This Friday, we take a moment to move in Happiness and Gratitude.

  1. Where is my happiness? (This week: Six of Swords)
  2. Where is my gratitude? (This week: The Lovers)

Taking things out of turn, this is the second appearance of The Lovers in two days. Thursday indicated The Lovers preventing discontent; Friday, we realize just how grateful we are for the love in our lives, and how it fortifies us as we make our way forward. This is not necessarily blissful; The Lovers almost never see eye to eye but that never stops them from moving forward together, a united front. For this, our hearts are full of gratitude – do not keep this to yourself, tell them!

Circling back, our happiness is found in following our own true pathways. Six of Swords requires nothing less than your 100% commitment to yourself (your goals, your path, your needs, your lessons), no matter how difficult you may find this to do. So many of us feel obliged to put everyone else first, never realizing this is the wrong approach. Take good care of you first, and you will have more than enough to share with others. Cut yourself short, and you will find yourself always in lack; no one worth having in your life wants that for you – those who love you want you to live in abundance, not lack!

So move happily forward on your adventure, knowing you are supported by love.


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

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