12/05/18: Too much of a good thing?


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))


As the holidays loom large before us, it is time to check in and ask ourselves: 

  • When is less more?
  • Can you really have “too much” of a good thing?

Well, we already know we can have too much of a good thing if only because the appearance of The Devil card often reminds us. (I can already here you, “But Selene, that’s the Four of Cups, not The Devil, and anyway, what’s wrong with luxury?”)

First, for the record, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with luxury WHEN YOU CAN AFFORD IT.

Next, The Devil jumps up to tell you when things have gotten (or are getting) out of hand; plenty of other cards are happy to warn us in advance, like Four of Cups. 

Finally, for the purposes of this particular reading, Four of Cups wants to remind us to keep an eye on the holiday pitfalls of excess – too many parties, too many drink, too many desserts, too much money spent on presents, too, too, too, too!

So, a word to the wise this week – make a list, check it twice (include input from your budget and bank balance), and let mindfulness be your guide (as we discussed on Monday with The Star).

Love to All!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))







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