12/04/18: A time for gratitude.


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Our week’s magical mindfulness must include gratitude for the abundance already in our lives. If you have wandered away from personal gratitude, take a moment for inventory:

  • live indoors
  • food in the fridge
  • hot/cold running water
  • sun shines

Does the list seem too basic? Too bad – BE GRATEFUL! The world (including your own home town!) is full of people who cannot claim these blessings.

This week, as you count your blessings, be sure to share where you are able; pay it forward to waitresses, cab drivers, tarot card readers, baristas, manicurists, etc. Every time you enjoy your day by including self-care services, express your gratitude.

REMINDER: Mindfulness is still the order of the week.

NOTE: If you cannot afford to include an appropriate tip (generally considered 15-20% depending on the service), you cannot afford the service; it is unkind, and more than a little bit selfish, to expect people to provide services without adequate compensation and appreciation – whether or not you agree with the tip-based business model is immaterial – and this is the season of giving.


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 


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