10/05-07/18 WEEKEND: New beginnings!


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Ending. Celebrating. Beginning.


This weekend kicks-off any number of Fall/Pumpkin/Halloween events, faires, etc. HUZZAH!!! Fall Fun has arrived!

You know what else has arrived? The Fall Season of Change! What kind of change? All kinds! Birth. Death. Rebirth. Rehabilitation. If change is wanted (or needed, wanted or not), Fall is all about it.  

But don’t take my word for it – look at the cards.

This week has been moving towards significant change – making decisions, choosing pathways, making plans to move forward, letting go of old ways – and now we find the weekend energy delivering the final push. We have reached the end of the line. Nothing left to do but toast the effort, take a bow, thank the staff, and turn out the lights. But as always, the beauty of endings will always be new beginnings. 

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. 

Enjoy the weekend.


((All images courtesy YouTube, Google Images and Facebook.))




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