10/04/18: Time to go your own way.


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

We are headed into the weekend with a clear instruction from Monday’s King of Swords: 

It is time to strike out on your own.

Whatever doubts or fears have you clinging to old ways (including people and places) must now be released – they are not serving you – for you to move forward on your own, your own way, no room for passengers.

See Six of Swords as the beginning of The Hermit’s journey; this is a solo mission.

If you are to search for, discover, understand, appreciate AND utilize that which is entirely your own and meant to serve you within as well as without, you canNOT be worried about anyone else’s journey. Some people will have no choice but to fall away, and this is a good thing, for you as well as them (though it might not be immediately apparent) because they have pathways of their own. We are NOT here to “keep up” with each other; we are meant to travel our own pathways at our own speeds, and sometimes that will certainly include “alone.”

NOTE: You are not immediately required to follow the instructions of this energy – you may move at your own pace. However, know this: that which resists persists. This energy will nag at you, disrupting your peace and slowly but surely destroying your comfort. Do not allow your current complacency (or fear of the unknown) to stop you from moving forward. Your best self is waiting for you.


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