08/03-05/18 WEEKEND: It’s all you!


((The Spellcaster’s Tarot, Marquis and Murphy. ))

Karma. Knowing. Feeling.

Here we are! The first weekend of August, which also heralds the ending of the Summer. Back to School displays are up and sales are in full swing. If you have been spending your Summer as a Grasshopper, it is Ant time for sure!

Karma is calling! Justice represents a turning wheel – it’s even on the card! What goes around, comes around with or without our input (as we so often discuss when The Wheel of Fortune shows up!) but that is not the same as being a victim. You volunteered with every thought, word, and deeds you put in motion…Karma is a manifestation of your own wishes. Remember the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for as surely you will get it.” Well, here She is – on the scene with stuff to say! – and you will need to face whatever it is. 

THE BAD NEWS: There is no escaping yourself.

THE GOOD NEWS: You can certainly handle it.

TAKEAWAY: Allow yourself to feel everything that comes your way. 

Your weekend will likely be busy with errands as well as street faires, parties, barbeques, etc. Do yourself a big favor and do whatever you can to stay in the moment as you flow through your weekend; if you are with friends, do not think about the errands you should be running. When you are running errands, do not think about the next batch of errands for tomorrow. Just be in your moment as you do whatever the thing is. Recognize it really is all good, there are worse things than “busy,” and you can handle it.

Drink some lemonade. Eat some Strawberries. Sit in the grass. Jump in the pool.

Enjoy your weekend.


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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