03/16/17: Because your wings are ready.

“The gentle silence of Death takes all your sorrow, transforms it, and gives it back to you as love.” Barbara Moore


((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

“What if Death threw a party, and nobody came? Happiness would die of boredom.” Julianne CeCe

As we so often realize, nothing remains as it is – all things change; generally speaking, we find this unsettling. It would seem, just as we become comfortable, we have no choice but to mix it up, change it around, or start again. Like it or lump it, change is inevitable.

But what will you DO about it?

Although often quite difficult to realize in the moment, we are ready for change when it arrives. What do we say of the caterpillar? She thought it was the end of the world, until she emerged a butterfly. And so, Death heralds the sudden, complete, and irrevocable change that marks the end of the end and the beginning of the beginning. We may not be expecting it but we can certainly embrace it, endeavor to make the most of it, once it arrives.

Don’t look back; you aren’t going that way.

When we see this card, we must immediately understand some part of the past is lost to us forever, despite our intentions or desires; no matter how disappointed we may be, we must accept this as for the best. As someone once said to me of her own life, “If I’ve got a foot in yesterday and a foot in tomorrow, I can’t help but piss on today.” (No, it was not Dorothy Parker. 😉 ). Make your plans to move forward.

You’re not bleeding. You’ll be fine. 

To be clear, I am not suggesting this transition will not be painful. In fact, I am quite sure it is going to suck out loud; there will be an amount of grieving that simply cannot be helped. As a part of healing, grief is okay; allow yourself time, space and permission to grieve whatever is irretrievably lost to you. However, do not wallow – it is a waste of time and energy, drawing darkness in while keeping lightness out – it deters healing.

((NOTE: Please be sure the loss is real in your life rather than the “what could have been” we often suffer when we do not get what we “thought” we wanted. Creating real grief from unreal images makes EVERYthing more difficult than it needs to be, and  for no good reason.))


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