01/16/17 “My, my, my!” said the Spider to the Fly.

“I’ve got some toys I think you might want to try…” Bullet Boys, F#9 

9C Steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

There she is! Warm, welcoming, inviting, she lives to serve and your wish is her command…right?

Be careful what you wish for, as surely you will have it! 

Legend, mythology, and religion are filled with examples of foolish mortals making wishes, bargains, and  trades only to discover they were misguided; Sybil forgot to ask for the flower of her youth with her eternal life, and Midas did not realize everything he touched really meant EVERYthing he touched. Their wishes were granted to the letter of their requests, rather than the spirit of their desires.

They got what they said they wanted, and it made them miserably unhappy.

The lesson of 9 of Cups is simple;  you are welcome to come in, enjoy yourself, share in the bounty but read your own heart first, and do not be greedy.

REMEMBER: you are visiting, you can’t live here.

PRACTICAL MAGIC TIP: Need to think things through with a calm clear head? Try cloves! The clove is a hardworking marvel; it banishes negative energy, promotes positive thoughts and feelings, protects while it soothes, and is considered by many an aphrodisiac. (I use it in protection spells for my home.) Anywhere you allow clove to enter, it will happily to get to work for you:

  • Create a sachet to keep in your purse or under your pillow.
  • Burn clove scented incense or candles in your living room or kitchen.
  • Throw cloves in a bonfire.
  • Drink clove spiced tea, eat clove spiced food. 

practice pause.JPG

((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook.))


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