01/13-15/17: One way or another…

“…I’m going to find you…” Debbie Harry, Blondie

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Balance. Movement. Opportunity.

I know what you are thinking:

“Hey! That’s a song about a stalker!”

And you are right – it is a song about a stalker – and in this case, it is a good thing. 

(Calm down – follow me!) Here’s why: As every hunter knows, success requires diligence, persistence, and no small measure of wishful thinking. A hunter stalks the intended prey (generally elusive, and often a predator in its own right) with concentration and determination – anything less yields only failure.

Here’s how it applies to us:

If you have been planning for 2017, reviewing your path, setting your intentions, etc, you must now move forward with action. As the cards above remind us, we must begin the hard work that brings the success we seek. We must commit to balancing our existing lives with the changes we wish to integrate; we must expend the effort to keep ourselves moving forward in this new state of balance we are creating; we must keep our eyes open for opportunities to further our goals and desires in positive, heartfelt ways. No one says it will be easy, just that it will be do-able. ((NOTE: An amount of single-mindedness can occur; dedication to a purpose is fine but always remember, nothing good comes of obsession.))

Also as in the song, we may find the tables turned; have you achieved something you do not actually desire? No problem, just walk away from it. This is your own path, you can decide what stays and what goes. For best result, keep it all as true, positive, and appropriate as possible.

PRACTICAL MAGIC TIP: Need an energy boost to your luck? Green Aventurine (some call it The Gambler’s Stone) provides a success boost by drawing good luck (and possibly money!) to you. Wear it as a ring or bracelet on your dominant hand (your lead-off), and keep a piece in your purse, pocket or wallet (with your money). Visualize the green energy (earth, Pentacle, money energy!) growing, increasing your own. And as always, do not forget your please and thank you.  


((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook.))

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