01/05/17: Sweet cherry wine, so very fine!

“…not to make us sad but sober…” Barbara Moore

KC Steam.jpeg

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

“Love is a many splendored thing.” lyrics Fain and Webster

“Love stinks.” lyrics Wolf and Justman

If you find your emotions running high, rest assured – it is not just you. Some feel exalted, some vulnerable, and others exhausted. We are plagued by doubts:

  • Does he love me?
  • Is she with someone else?
  • Why didn’t they invite me? 

We are plagued with these doubts because we fear our love is not valued – we are not valued. For better or worse, King of Cups reminds us our feelings matter to us, and only to us. REMINDER: You are responsible for your own feelings, just as you are responsible for your own actions.

We must decide our own paths, our own relationships, how to spend our own energies. If you have been squandering your love on the wrong guy, you know it. If the sex is great but you don’t feel at peace, you know you are with the wrong woman. If you are headed in the wrong direction, you are plagued with doubts and difficulties because you need to change the path – that which resists, persists – and energy cannot lie.

Believe it or not, this is the gift of King of Cups; awareness and understanding, to make us sober rather than sad.  Build love within, spread love without. 

PRACTICAL MAGIC TIP: Looking for love energy? Vanilla and rose quartz are your best friends: wear rose quartz around your neck, or carry it in your pocket, for a touchstone; burn vanilla candles and/or incense in your home to increase feelings of comfort and serenity (if you are comfortable and serene, love flows more freely). To add an extra bit of attraction, wear a quality perfume (or oil) with a vanilla base – it is subtly compelling (see above re comfort), and always appealing.


((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook.))


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