01/04/17 First I was afraid; I was petrified.

“Well, thank goodness that’s over.” Barbara Moore

10S Steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Time to stop biting your nails and wringing your hands; we are here now, and there is work to be done, but let us first take a brief pause in the action to acknowledge we would have liked things to go a different way.

But since things did not go our way, let us also acknowledge we have survived; it could have been worse, we are still here, and we can decide what to do next.

It does not matter what happened, how you were disappointed, what you regret – let it all go! Take this moment to release your grief and disappointment so you can move forward unencumbered. Declutter yourself emotionally and mentally, make room for better things!

PRACTICAL MAGIC TIP: Need spiritual cleansing and healing? Surround yourself with lavender – soap, powder, pillow spray, sprigs in vases about the home, drink lavender tea – and take frequent  deep, cleansing breaths. Visualize your own energy being scrubbed clean with each inhale and exhale. Allow yourself to release anything weighing you down, relax your head, neck and shoulders. ((NOTE: Combine home yoga practice with lavender for extra umph! – just a few minutes, a few poses or stretches will work wonders!)) 


((All images courtesy Facebook and Google Images.))

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