2016 Holiday Weekend: Hang on to your hats!

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((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell)) 

Alas, despite my best efforts, there is no sugar-coating this reading, and I have come to understand why it is okay; truth is, we are currently having some difficulties, and it is not in our best interests to pretend we are not. 

HOWEVER, we do not need to make them the centerpiece of the holiday table. 

In an effort to enjoy the holidays, do your very best to keep a sense of humor while ignoring japes, jests, and barbs you suspect are meant to be hurtful – bait is only useful if you rise to it.

The following is reprinted from a previous entry but I think it serves as useful guidelines this year as well:

Be realistic: Do the best you can but don’t get carried away – a butter sculpture of the First Thanksgiving is not necessary and will not be missed.

Don’t sweat the small stuff: Rolls burned? Throw them away and don’t worry about it. Spoons on the wrong side of the plate? Let it go.

Be patient: Forgive yourself and others for transgressions; let old wounds and barbed remarks pass without notice – they don’t serve you and you don’t need them.

Relax: Putting pressure on yourself and others is a sure way to ruin a holiday.

ENJOY: You are meant to enjoy this time with family and friends so do just that – enjoy!

*Thanksgiving holiday refers to the National holiday in the US; but the sentiments may be applied to any holiday, worldwide.


((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook.))

((Mary Engelbreight may be found on-line as well as Facebook – check out her lovely work.))

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