11/23/16 Alone, not lonely. Nine of Pentacles

9P Steam.jpg

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

The trick to self-empowerment: you must do it for yourself. 

That’s it – no big reveal – that’s the whole story.

LADIES: Sleeves rolled up! Still much work to be done, and no one can stop you but you. So don’t!

GENTLEMEN: Not every win (or loss) is down to you! We would like to carry the water WITH you (rather than for you or instead of you) because that’s what equality in partnership means. Do not be afraid to hand us a bucket!   

NOTE: It is Thanksgiving Week (in The States), and some people will no doubt have family who cannot help but go on about why you aren’t married, don’t have kids, haven’t found the career path, ad nauseam. DO NOT TAKE THIS TO HEART!! Independence does NOT mean destined to be single (etc). It means you can be with someone or not; you succeed because you are always YOU (just as you should be). AND a worthwhile partner (read confident, capable, adult) will never be deterred by independence. END OF STORY


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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