It’s a Black Moon Weekend.

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(((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

This has been an interesting week for many people (not necessarily good or bad) as September finally winds down. Fall has definitely arrived (reporting to you live from a bleak and rainy Chicago, IL, USA) and we are looking forward to October. Energy management may seem difficult as we face the Black Moon (second Dark Moon in September – a rarity), and if you find yourself feeling a bit antsy (or testy), do what you can to put yourself at ease (and NOT inflict it upon others). DO NOT rush to judgement or activity! There is much to do – and you will get it done in your own time and in your own way – but this will prove a time for the tortoise rather than the hare; steady, deliberate, mindful are your keywords at this time.

The Hermit appears again, this time with a two-part message; since you are on your own, be sure to take care of yourself. The first part (you are on your own) has been a steady message of late, so let us focus on the second part (take care of yourself); give yourself a break, do not skimp on self-care, and allow yourself to have some fun – whistle while you work! You may be capable, confident, and independent, but you are not required to also be dour. Remember to smile, if only to yourself at a joke of your own making, because you deserve the joy

 As we head into the weekend, keep in mind Friday’s Black Moon is perfect for setting intentions to manifest the true desires you hold deep in your heart. If you are consciously aware of your desires, consider writing them on a bay leaves, and burning the leaves as you speak the desires aloud. If you are not consciously aware, write “Positive Outcome” on the bay leaf, burning it as you say, “Please manifest my true heart’s desire in its most positive and appropriate form.” As always, be grateful for what you already have; please and thank you go a long way with The Universe (as well as people).

Enjoy the weekend; consider baking a pie for the fun of it, and sharing it with friends.


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))


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