09/26/16 Week’s Start: Try Again. Ace of Pentacles.

My week to this point: Ugg.

Due to a series of computer issues well beyond my control (Comcast outages in the area – today is the first full day of restoration), publication of this blog was temporarily suspended. My attitude was fairly poor but we all have bad days now and again, so I do not feel badly about that.


((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

The card you missed (two days in a row) was Ace of Pentacles. Today, rather than read it for you myself, I am going to apply what I think is a significant bit of life wisdom from Elizabeth Taylor:


If ever a woman understood Ace of Pentacles in practice, Elizabeth Taylor certainly did. Her life, constantly scrutinized and fully exposed, was marked by a near constant stream of new beginnings as highlighted by the ebb and flow of her career as well as her many marriages. Long before Nike, Ms. Taylor knew the answer was “Just do it.” and she did exactly that. I would like to say she lived happily ever after but alas, not really – she was beautiful, talented, glamorous, full of passion, and lived her life her own way – but she always took it on the chin, dusted herself off, and got back to it. For that perseverance, she is a model to us all.

TAKEAWAY: Time to start again. Be brave.

((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook.))

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