05.06.16 NEW MOON

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moor and Fell; read left to right, top to bottom.))

The Dark Moon message is simply, “Let’s review.”

Be prepared to make changes to your plans and pathways.  

The Dark Moon has returned to us with a slightly different message; rather than planting seeds for new projects, carefully review projects already underway. We have been receiving consistent messages regarding patience, and planning, prior to action.

The cards above remind us of the difficulties when we commit to a course of action without flexibility (Pyrrhic victory) as well as the dangers of acting recklessly against our own best interests (often cleverly disguised as “overdue change” NOT to be confused with progress). The Dark Moon in Taurus recommends a certain amount of quiet stillness; perfect for listening closely and receiving the messages trying to break through. When the messages do break through, it will likely be sudden and undeniable – striking like lightning, changing everything! – and believe it or not, that is a good thing. We often fall back on old positions and habits because we simply cannot think of alternatives – NOT THIS TIME!!

TAKEAWAY: Flexibility is the key. 

Flexibility is not usually associated with Taurus, and may seem out of place here. Do not allow this thinking to inhibit what you must accomplish. You have dreams, plans, and  purpose clamoring beneath your surface, begging to rise – DEMANDING TO RISE! – and you can handle this. You will just need a bit of grounding to go with the faith, trust and pixie dust. I suggest the following:

Be grateful. Life is good. Know it, believe it, remind yourself – start your day with gratitude and end it the same way. Say it out loud.

Be mindful. Think about it, whatever it is, before you speak it or do it. You must know your intentions – understand them, own them – and keep them in mind; decide them at the start of your day, and review them at the end. How did you do? Every day is a new chance.

Just breath. Big deep breaths – four second in, hold, four seconds out – as many as you like. I recommend a minimum of three.

Stretch it out. As with deep breathing, stretching always feels good – out your arms, your legs, your sides, your back  -and you can do it as little or as much as you like, anytime during your day. (NOTE: Particularly good with bare feet – stepping in the grass anytime you can!)

Smile. You do not need a reason – just do it! The more often you smile, the better you will feel – happiness and light will sneak in and take over.

Give your self a break. You are not perfect and that is okay; you will make mistakes. Be honest in your behavior, do the best you can, admit when you get it wrong, and forgive yourself when things do not work out.

Have fun. As always, it is important to have some fun – read the book, see the movie, visit the zoo, have brunch with friends, whatever you like. All work and no play does not serve you in any useful way.



((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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