02/11/16 What Does It All Mean? Seven of Pentacles

“How does reality measure up to your expectations?” Barbara Moore

7P Steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))


You have been working hard; time to take a step back and appraise the progress you have made to this point:

  • How does it look?
  • Are you on the right track?
  • Are you making discernible progress? 
  • Are you happy/satisfied with the progress you are making?
  • Are changes needed? Course correction in order?

Evaluate your current position; be sure you are on the right track before you continue.

REMINDER: This is your project – the most important perspective is your own. Feel free to ask for input from others but do not allow their opinions to color your own. 

((Images courtesy of Google Images.))



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