02/10/16 He Drinks His Ketel On The Rocks. The Devil

My, my, my, said the spider to the fly
I got some toys I think you might wanna try
I’m selling pleasure by the pound
No, no, no, said it’s best that I go
‘Fore my resistance hits an all-time low
Dim the lights, too sweet to play
I thought that I heard somebody say
Do you want it sleazy?
I can make it easy
Come running to me
If you like ’em real
I can make the deal
That’s all you’ll get from me

The Bulletboys, F#9

From time to time, we all do things contrary to our best interests; most of the time, these are harmless indulgences meant to be pressure valves on our regular lives – no problem.

Everyone needs a little naughty in their lives once in a while.

Devil Steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Unfortunately, when this guy shows up, it is time to realize there is a problem.

BEST CASE: You have been asleep at the wheel and a situation has become an issue you must now handle with all due expediency and contrition.

WORST CASE: You have become a slave to a monster of your own creation – the situation is out of control and you have no one to blame but yourself – you must ask for help to straighten it out. Humility will be required.


((Images courtesy of Google Images.))


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