01/07/16 Time To Get Started! The Fool

“And now, I am leaving. With or without you!”


Clearly, yesterday’s message was not forceful enough: LET’S GO!!!

To review: Mercury, ruler of transportation, communication, interaction – includes dealings with vehicles, computers, assorted electronics and people – is in retrograde (MRx). And The Fool insists we set off on our new adventure right-this-minute-now-ready-or-not-here-we-go without particular consideration for MRx beyond whatever planning has already taken place.


Actually, if you review previous posts (December headed into January), you will remember many readings regarding thinking, planning, deciding, preparing for new travels, pathways, projects in the New Year. The only thing left now is to actually DO IT, and believe it or not, the time is now. If you did in fact heed the advice of the previous readings, you are as ready as you are ever going to be and MRx is merely an inconvenience.

On the surface, this may seem like the nightmare of the high school exam, naked and no pencil; it is actually the dream where you win the big game and spike the football. Probably. You’ll never know until you try, and that starts now with this first step.


((All images courtesy of Google Images. Card featured from The Steampunk Tarot by Moore and Fell.))


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