01/06/16 New Adventure Time! The Fool

“What could possibly go wrong?”


Isn’t he adorable?! So reminiscent of the chimney sweeps in Mary Poppins, chock full of magic and possibilities, and brimming over with positive energy! And more than a little bit mad if he thinks running off on an adventure at the outset of the Mercury Retrograde (MRx) is a good idea.

That brings us to the bad news/good news portion of our reading:

BAD NEWS: Mercury is in retrograde, January 5 – 25, 2016, and it is already proving to be a doozy! (I have already had several significant arguments with various people important to me – YOWZA!).

GOOD NEWS: As it happens, the Cheshire Cat was right –  we’re all a little mad here. And a good thing, too – this calls for brave and crazy!

The naive spirit of adventure introduced by The Fool is a blessing during MRx; it would be so easy to pullback and hunker down until the crisis passes (only, there isn’t actually a crisis and there is work to be done, and all the fear and dread you dream up will not change that) but The Fool isn’t having any of it! Adventure awaits! Time to go!!

THE BIG TAKEAWAY: If used wisely, this brave and crazy energy can be used to help us cope with MRx pitfalls; think it through (wise advice for MRx) and bravely execute the plans you make even if it feels a bit fool-hardy (see what I did there? 🙂 )

Most importantly, keep calm and carry on – it’s only a little retrograde.

((All images courtesy of Google Images. Card featured from The Steampunk Tarot by Moore and Fell.))


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