01/04/15 Conquering Heroes, Unite! Six of Wands


6W Steam

Enough of that now, time to get down to business. 

You may have been successful getting out of 2015 but now the actual work begins – are you ready?

TODAY’S MAGIC WORD: Togetherness

Each of us has personal goals, personal responsibility, our own pathways – all good, all important – but there is more than that. There is also uniting the tribe and working for common good, for celebrating togetherness in our thoughts and deeds, and not just during the holidays. You are not the Statue of Liberty standing alone on an island; you have people you can count on just as they count on you – reach out to them. Talk to them; share ideas, find common ground, work together where you can.

It is time to support independence with teamwork.

((All images courtesy of Google Images. Card featured from The Steampunk Tarot by Moore and Fell.)) 

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