REDUX: Making Friends With Mercury Retrograde: Introspection

2016 MRx Heads-up!

Moon In Selene

The following was written in May, 2015; I have chosen to republish it here as

  • a) a reminder to take MRx in stride,
  • b) this is a good time for introspection,  and
  • c) a heads-up on the MRx of 2016.

I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. Happy Retrograde!

2016 MRx Dates

If I had written the story:


Wise Owl: No, Chicken Little. The sky is not falling, the sky is fine. You are fine, sit down and relax. It’s just a little retrograde. 

We hear a great deal about Mercury Retrograde (MRx) and most of it is bad; beware of legal antics, keep the help desk on speed dial, don’t drive further than your own mechanic can tow, duck-and-cover. We allow dread, and sometimes panic, to color our outlook as we prepare to endure until the MRx is over. Worse…

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