MARCH 1st, 2021: Wishing for Spring!

WELCOME BACK, ALL!!! I was enjoying an extended (and much needed!) break – but I missed you all.

((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))  


Yes, I know – EVERYONE!

While there may still be plenty of snow around (and possibly, on the way), that “C’MON, SPRING!!!” feeling is certainly making itself felt. Generally speaking, I am all for enjoying the seasons as they do their various things but sometimes, we just want to give in to that Spring feeling – SPROING!

Things you can do RIGHT NOW to coax Spring into your life and home? De-clutter (start by putting some of the Winter stuff away – probably won’t need more than one pair of boots, as an example), organize (closets cleaned and aired, move forward whatever you no longer use, need, or love), grow flowers (in a pot in the house), make strawberry lemonade (if you live in the American South, you know this is strawberry season – for the rest of us, those strawberries are in the grocery stores). Overall, the goal is to do anything that helps you, and your home, feel refreshed – enjoy deciding for yourself what will help you freshen up.

And now, to the cards! 

THEME: EXCHANGING GIFTS. Sharing is caring. This is an ideal time to share with friends, family, loved ones, and neighbors. Consider baking cookies, and sending some of them next door (as an example).

INFLUENCE: 10 CUPS. An attitude of gratitude serves everyone. Count your blessings, say thank you, and don’t forget to hug your people (and pets!).

INFLUENCE: 5 PENTACLES. No one is immune to struggle but here’s the thing: teachers are often disguised as rivals, foes, disappointments, and challenges. Learn from your struggle and you will move though it.

STRATEGY: Queen of Wands. YOU GOT THIS! Know that you can handle everything coming your way, and move forward on projects mattering most to you. NOTE: Do not waste any time dithering – this Queen does not wait around.


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