12/03/20: Seriously, you got this. Enjoy!

((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))  

And now, to the cards! 

THEME: LOYAL HEART. A loyal heart is not the same as a foolish heart. Strength is the secret weapon; do not be afraid of what tests you – meet it head on.

INFLUENCE: Four of Wands. Every day above ground is a good day – do not shy away from celebrating life in any way that works – be sure to share it with loved ones.

INFLUENCE: The World (21). Is that an oyster i see in your hand? What will you do with your blessings?

STRATEGY: Nine of Swords. Choose not to be your own worst enemy. Take control of you thoughts as well as your words, and deeds. If not you, who?


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