10/31/20: Patience is required.

((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))  


What do you want to project into the new year for yourself? Choose your costume wisely – The Universe is always watching and listening, and generally take us literally. We have a powerful weekend full of manifestation energy – that is not the same as add water and stir! Patience, planning, and timing are still important. Get to work. Be mindful. Be kind. Be patient.

And now, to the cards! 

THEME: BUILDING BLOCKS. A well-grounded work in progress may move slowly but it is moving.

INFLUENCE: The Empress (3). NURTURE! NURTURE! NURTURE! This is the time – everyone needs it and the seeds you have planted canNOT grow without it.

INFLUENCE: Eight of Pentacles. Methodical progress can be made with your best efforts.

STRATEGY: Four of Pentacles. Invest resources wisely. You cannot win if you do not play.


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