10/17/20: Find the rhythm, go with the flow.

((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))  

Tension and anxiety have been the true forerunners this election season, and it seems many of us have forgotten a very important rule of thumb: you are not required to attend every argument. In fact, you are not required to attend any argument. (NOTE: Discussions and debates are NOT arguments, no matter how we see our politicos behave.)

And now, to the cards! 

 THEME: THE FATES. It is what it is. Recognize there are things that cannot be changed by you.

INFLUENCE: Ace of Swords. New ideas and inspiration – dare to dream and take a risk.

INFLUENCE: Knight of Wands. Energized forward movement; roll up your sleeves!

STRATEGY: Nine of Wands. Ready and willing to defend. Waiting and watching are also important – do not rush into battle.

Inner peace and tranquility are personal responsibilities. Love is still the answer as well as the action; make it happen for yourself, and others by extension. Make the effort – it’s worth it, and so are you.


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