09/23/20: Welcoming changes.

((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))  

In keeping with yesterday’s message of acceptance, we see the theme furthered with patience to wait, and receive. As a society, we spend so much of our time being pro-active, it does not occur to us “Good things come to those who wait.” As the new season begins to show signs of physical changes around us, it may serve us well to take a step back and observe before we make decisions to move (what we hope will be) forward.

And now, to the cards!

THEME: Yin. Time to receive; let things come to you.

INFLUENCE: The Hierophant(5). Accept offered counsel (but know it is okay to go another way).

INFLUENCE: Four of Swords. Rest, re-group, relax, and prepare for launch (or re-launch).

STRATEGY: Five of Wands. Beware of unnecessary battles, and avoid death by committee.

The beauty of Autumn is in how we prepare for next Spring; harvesting, cooking, canning, preserving, storing, sharing, gathering, nurturing – all meant to hold us together through the darkness. Accept the changes around you as they are part of the life we live, and do your part to move peacefully forward with your tribe (friends, family, loved ones, etc.).

Enjoy the sunshine and turning leaves as we get ready for the snow.


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