((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))

Lately, I have heard a great deal of lamenting about loss and sacrifice, and as always, I think: Didn’t we listen to the stories our grandparents/great-grandparents told of of The Great Depression and World War II? Is it actually possible that we have (overall) lived so well for so long we don’t understand the difference between genuine hardships and inconvenience? Is it really so difficult to color your hair, or drink beer and watch the game, at home?

Speaking for myself, since no government agency has knocked on my door to ask for the rubber of my tires, I think we’re doing okay. And I am not saying people are not genuinely suffering as we all know too many certainly are but so far, they aren’t the ones throwing the tantrums.

What a waste of energy!

And now, to the cards!

THEME: PEACE. Radical acceptance results in pure peace. Start with yourself!

INFLUENCE: Seven of Swords. You are not required to attend every battle; take up your swords and go home – live to fight another day.

INFLUENCE: Five of Pentacles. Physical comfort may not be readily available but you can make the best of it with some effort. Get off your knees and roll up your sleeves.

STRATEGY: Eight of Swords. Procrastination, stagnation, and fretting are NOT working for you; it is self-indulgent. Knock it off – you’ve got important work to do!

If you have been a regular to this blog space, you know I took a hiatus – I needed some time to get over myself and get to work – and now, I have returned with some new ideas and fresh cards. Now it’s your turn – get over yourself and get to work!


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