09/15/20: MOVE ALONG!

((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))

As the seasons rapidly change, we find ourselves with the usual Autumn chores; putting away Summer clothing, toys, and accouterments, preparing our pantries and linen closets for Autumn (and Winter). The rhythm of 2020 has disrupted much of our usual flow but the seasons continue to move on their course, and we must attend to the mundane maintenance of our nests. This is a great time to try new recipes while you take stock of your stores, and decide what to keep on your shelves. Speaking for myself, I bought a new stock pot.

And now, to the cards!

THEME: CLEAN IT UP: This is the time to de-clutter everything – your home, your mind, your schedule, whatever! You do not need extra bags or baggage so move it all along. Remember, your trash is someone else’s treasure.

INFLUENCE: Ten of Swords. Thank goodness that’s over! Time to lick your wounds, review your lessons, make notes for the future, and move along.

INFLUENCE: Six of Swords. Sail on, Sailor! You have waited long enough – it’s time to ship out! Your journey must get underway, and no other passengers are required. This is definitely a “Go your own way!” moment because it is your own journey – you MUST NOT allow others to impact your course.

STRATEGY: Judgement (20). Choose to be authentic in your thoughts, words, and deeds – respond with sincerity. DO NOT allow the behavior of others to deter you.

There are few things more important than authenticity, and it is becoming increasingly rare. The time to choose to be your own fully-actualized self is right now but you must choose it for yourself – no one chooses it for you. What’s worse, you may find people are only supportive when your truth does not impact them – that is unfortunate but it is also not your problem.

Be real. Be raw. Be powerful. You got this!

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