JUNE 2020: Water Signs


((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))


I have not enjoyed Episodes 1 – 5 of  2020; I better see seriously improved writing in the back half of the season!!! 

Unfortunately. Episode 6  opened with on-going reports of civil commotion across the country (in the US), and China squaring off with India in earnest over Himalayan borderland. Seriously, worst reality show ever.

Loving all the people has never been more important. True when Jesus said it. True when MLK said it.  True when John Lennon said it. True now. Earth may resist, and Fire may want to fight, but The Great Flood was WATER – in fact, we can change The World! 

CANCER: GO THE DISTANCE/Three of Wands: Without question, moving forward with love, and spreading it as far and wide as possible, will take endurance on every level. True, positive progress can be made but not without great effort. 

SCORPIO: TO THE SEA/Three of Swords: Time for a sea-change; your disappointment is not an issue for anyone but you – take the lesson, move with the work at hand – do not fight the current.

PISCES: REGENERATION/The Hermit: You will have a second chance – a reset, if you will – but only if you do the personal work required. The World needs your Divine Light and Blessed Water – please be ready.     

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