JUNE 2020: Earth Signs


((The Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris Anne AND Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid))


I don’t know about you but I am finding 2020’s attitude very poor, and I want to speak to the manager!

Remember when we thought things would be looking up by June? 

Well, as it happens, we are kicking off  June with on-going reports of civil commotion across the country (in the US), and China squaring off with India in earnest over Himalayan borderland. 


The World needs cleaning up – if ever there was a job for Earth Signs, this must be it! It’s time to plan the work and work the plan as only Earth can!

TAURUS: SERENDIPITY/Page of Swords: You are coming into Magical Alignment; I know you can feel it as it is creating an extra restlessness – channel it all into action! (NOTE: Speed is not necessarily indicated – a mindful pace will get you there.)

VIRGO: ROUND & ROUND/Temperance: It’s time to conquer old patterns with new perspectives; throw away what is broken, fix what does not work, and create serviceable balance wherever you can. Get organized, and get it done.

CAPRICORN: CHOP WOOD/King of Cups: Nurturing has never been more important; John Lennon said it best, “Love is the answer.” and was 100% correct. Be humble enough to realize everyone serves the greater good from time to time, and it is an honor. Right now – TODAY – the whole world needs your acts of kindness. Please don’t spare the horses. 


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