04/20/20: Worry will not help.

IMG_6422 (1)

((The Green Witch Tarot, Ann Moura))

This new week should bring more sunshine, more warmth, and increased health.

We are all working to bend the COVID-19 curve to flat, and with any luck, we will begin to see our progress this week – this is NOT the time to stop our efforts. We cannot let up just because we’ve got it on the ropes – that is exactly the time to really level the opponent!

Ten of Wands advises our victories come with significant responsibilities; no problem as High Priestess has all the power you need. Right now, our powers are best used to finish what we have started – keep making bread (or whatever), and be safe – every battle is a step closer to winning the war. 

NOTE: Worry doesn’t help. Do not fret about what you are “giving up,” “missing out,” or any other “are we there yet?” whining you are doing to yourself. Be in the moment, do the best you can (different on any given day), and do not get caught up in the things you cannot do anything about. This is a marathon, not a sprint; patience is required.


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))  

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