03/26/20: Time to rebuild.


((Shadowscapes Tarot, Pui-Mun Law & Moore))

The Tower has a great deal to tell us in 2020.

When it first started appearing (in every other reading I did, no matter the client), I always asked the client if they were thinking of moving, wanted to move, planning to relocate, etc. A few people said yes, but most people said no, and that felt odd. 

Of course, nothing had suggested everyone would be retreating into their homes for a duration – no questions of that kind came up and the cards did not tell, they can be like that as we know.

And that brings me to today: The Tower is not about destruction like Atlantis, it is about an opportunity to rebuild like Chicago after The Fire, or San Francisco after The Earthquake.

TAKEAWAY: We’re at home, alone or with loved ones, and rather than giving in to antsy, angsty, angry energy, see the opportunity as a gift. You can remake, rebuild, reorganize anything and everything as you see fit – I’ve been thinking of it as an extension of Mercury Retrograde but without the communication/transportation difficulties.

Be safe, warm and well. 


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

((Mary Engelbreit  can be found on-line and on Facebook – check it out!!))

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