02/14-16/20 WEEKEND: BUCKLE UP!!!

IMG_5873 (1)

((Shadowscapes Tarot, Pui-Mun Law & Moore))


Whether you realized it or not, all of your projects have been moving in the direction of CHANGE – and that is exactly what we are seeing this weekend.

If you thought you were just going to coast along, guess again.

We all know change is the only true constant, and 2020 seems to be chock full of opportunities – maybe not all of them welcome when they arrive – most of which you can take or leave as you see fit. But not this weekend.

The changes on the way may vary in size but not in nature – no turning back, only moving forward, or starting again. As with any change, you must decide how you want to handle it. I advise you to make the most of it. Ask yourself:

  • Is this the change you were hoping to create (BE HONEST!)?
  • How will this change further your project(s)?
  • How will this change alter your projects – should you make adjustments?

To be sure, some bravery will be required.

May all the good luck be with you!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

((Queen of Your Own Life can be found on Facebook – check it out.)) 

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