05/13/19 MONDAY: What’s next?


((Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Ravynne Phelan))


Spring has fully sprung in the Northern Hemisphere, and the energy has been a bit overwhelming (if you’re not feeling it, I hope you wake from your coma soon – I cannot imagine how else you have avoided it). The intensity of the energy, impacted by some serious astro-weather including several retrogrades and sunstorms (check out Ruby’s Readings for more details), has everyone feeling on edge – not a surprise with all the change in the air. Let’s look at the cards:

  1. Overall energy this week: VIII Death/Rebirth – Transformation
  2. Do this: XII Love – Speaks for itself
  3. Not that: Nine of Water – Ignorance
  4. BONUS GUIDE: Three of Earth – Intimacy

This week, love is the answer no matter the question. Change is happening with or without our cooperation, and it is in our best interests to greet it with open arms as well as good sense. Pay close attention to your tribe – maintaining intimate relationships need not be tested at this time, if you are paying attention. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

No matter the challenges this week, success is yours if you want it – GO GET ‘EM!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

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