05/10/19 FRIDAY: A Peaceful Heart


((Dreams Of Gaia Tarot, Ravynne Phelan))

After a busy work week, we head into a weekend looking for some peace and quiet.

  1. What is our happiness? XXIV Faith – Serenity
  2. What is our gratitude? Four of Earth – Stability

You know you are enough. You know your progress, though slow, is steady. You have no reason to be short-tempered with yourself – you are doing splendidly. Take a deep breath, take a good look around, recognize you are happy – accept it!

This is a good weekend to focus on self-care; a quiet soak, linger over tea, maybe eat a scone – whatever you like. Take care of you.

NOTE: If your self-care includes hiking, biking, jogging, etc., that is fabulous – DO IT! Whatever works for you is what you should do this weekend. ENJOY!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

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